Image thoughts by Mellie

June 6
June 1
Forgiveness Affirmation
words urging responsibility on a brown background with tree leaves
April 27
Image of fireworks at sunset over a wooded lake setting, words celebrating personal freedom
July 4
affirmation about becoming strong, cultivating your own life, on an image of a hearty vegetable garden
July 3

Gratitude list on a pastel watercolor background.
June 12
Mini epiphany that fighting internal battles is futile but grace, acceptance, and love triumph; background of foggy forest.
June 8
Self awareness and growth statement with image of emerging giant bird of paradise flower
June 4
Attempt at clever turn of phrase Unwanted Change about couples growing apart, includes images of coins and a cute little cottage.
June 4
sobriety is hope message on image of cherry blossoms
May 20
encourage growth even when hurt, with pink background and 2 cups of coffee
May 18
May 16
words expressing the hardship of letting go with photograph of lots of ice cream
May 15
words of longing for forest and water with a photo of same
May 14
Array of forest, sky, and water images, text of longing
May 12
description of the addicted as reacting to prior trauma, encourages personal growth on a pastel background
May 10
Malcolm Gladwell quote on background of sky and sea
May 8
words to soothe those who fail on a pink background with two creatures hugging
May 7
words describing gratitude for learning about people, on a image of a cactus
May 6
text prayer for acceptance in order to grow on a blue and green watercolor background
May 3
words to inspire a lovely day with flower images
May 1
April 30
personal story about transformation with photo of wide tree
April 29
encouraging words of progress on a prism of color
April 28
words of affirmation on a photograph of the Oregon coast
April 26
text affirming our innate talents on a background image of an old typewriter
April 25
affirming words with hand drawn images of birds
April 24
words of affirmation on a textured image
April 23
image of baking ingredients with hopeful message
April 22